Do you have a commercial or industrial project that is primarily concrete? We have the resources to take your project from design budgets to completion.

Turnkey Project Management

From years of experience with our long-standing manufacturing and industrial clients, we have become accustomed to providing turn-key construction services and have the resources to manage your entire project. We do the leg work for you by competitively bidding and hiring subcontractors and managing your project from start to finish, by matching that with our self-perform demolition, earthwork, and concrete services we are able to bring value to your project where others cannot.


Turnkey project management skills include:

  • Drawing review from the design phase to construction
  • Estimating, budgeting, and bidding
  • Buyout and subcontract management
  • Document control
  • Safety oversight, project management, field supervision and quality control
  • Field engineering and as-builts


Our preconstruction services set your project up for success from before it even starts. We carefully consider and evaluate each phase of the project, necessary safety protocols and project timelines, resulting in the best final product possible.


Preconstruction Services Include:

  • Constructability Reviews: We evaluate your build design for efficiencies that will save you money.
  • Value Engineering Analysis: We are committed to helping you get the job done in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Our VE process provides alternative solutions to help cut cost without changing the look, feel, or function of your project by providing options for alternative materials and alternate means and methods of construction.


We offer a wide range of construction services to meet the specifications of any project. Our experienced, knowledgeable field team, and our four-step proven process, make working with us an efficient, cost-effective, and well-managed experience.


Construction services include:

  • Cast-in-place concrete foundations
  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Elevated decks
  • Pits

Our Four-Step Process

1. BID

We start by evaluating your project based on the following criteria to yield the most accurate bid:

  • Review constructability
  • Review safety measures
  • Look for opportunities to provide the safest, most cost-effective construction

We then bid on your project, and once awarded the contract, we transition to phase two with a preconstruction handoff meeting.


The next step is to make a comprehensive plan to execute the contract safely and on time.

In this phase we:

  • Meet with the field operations team to build a comprehensive construction and logistics and plan
  • Create a schedule
  • Discuss safety protocols and necessary measures

To transition to phase three we then coordinate with the field team regarding the plan we’ve put in place.

3. execute

In this phase, we execute the construction plan.

Our process sets us apart because we maintain an internal rolling punch list during every phase of construction. This saves time and money because we ensure work is completed up to standards as we go.

4. Finalize

During the final phase in our process, we complete any final punch list items.

Our goal is for this phase to be quick and seamless since we’re addressing punch list items along the way.